Race Information

Our #1 RULE is to HAVE FUN!

Snowmobile events and racing are inherently dangerous.  Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC does not set engineering and design standards or provide certified inspection of tracks or facilities used for events. Participants are solely responsible for their own safety at Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC events and should assess relative risks and their own ability to negotiate each individual obstacle, track, course, etc.  You should take part in this competition based on your own assessment of your abilities. If you have not personally inspected the course, we urge you to do so prior to registration/racing.  You have been provided an opportunity to practice under non-competitive conditions. If you have not practiced, we urge you to contact an official at this time.  Participants, who doubt the competence of track officials, have concerns about the safety of the course or their own ability to negotiate the course, or doubt the competence of fellow competitors, should not participate.

You are responsible for the quality and condition of your race vehicle and protective apparel.

Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC does not provide medical insurance coverage. We urge you not to compete in motorsports events without adequate personal medical insurance coverage. If you have any doubts at this time about your personal abilities to participate in this or any event, if you have not adequately prepared yourself and your equipment, or if you believe your personal insurance coverage are not adequate to compensate you for any loss that may occur, you should not participate.

SPECTATORS witnessing these events thereby assume all risks for any injuries or damages resulting therefrom.

UNDERSTANDING: If you DO NOT understand ANY parts of these rules, please contact a race official who will be happy to explain them in terms that you will understand.  NO other person (either track personnel or staff) is authorized to interpret or give directives pertaining to any rules contained here in or any other. Understanding and communication will make the experience for you a positive, fun-filled event. You may send an email to 286snoseries@gmail.com if you need more information at this time.

Any addendum (changes, additions or deletions) to these rules /information that occur during the period these rules are in effect, will be posted on the website.

Race Entry Fee:   (Applies for each individual racer)

$35 - First Class

$15 - Second Class (and additional)


Our mission is to provide a fun, safe, and rewarding racing experience, in a family friendly, drug free environment for racers of all ages and riding abilities.

Entrants, riders, and participants are required to know and understand the rules and regulations that cover a Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC event and are (by reason of their entry) definitely bound by such. In cases where a rule determination is not defined in these rules, the decision of the Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC's Race Director will be final.

Each participant has the responsibility to assess the safety aspects of track facilities and conditions and MUST assume the risks associated with competition.

Specific Rules for Competition:

1. The Number One Rule is: HAVE FUN!!!! We are all here to enjoy the weekends with our friends and family.  It is the responsibility of each individual to conduct themselves in a reasonable, sportsman-like manner.  Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC reserves the right to remove anyone from the premises whom violates the enjoyment of others at any event.

2. All riders, crew members and spectators are required to check in, sign a Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement, and wear a release wristband.  Everyone must be wearing a wristband on their wrist.  Riders or their pit crew caught  without a wristband, switching wristbands, or using old wristbands could subject the rider to disciplinary action, fines, and possible disqualification.   

3. If you need to switch machines that have a different number, for any reason, between the heat race and the final event; It is "YOUR" responsibility to ensure that the Registration Trailer has record of your number change for that race.

4. Any race machine which fits the respective class may be entered by two or more riders. Standard racer registration applies for each individual entry.

5. Age Classifications are determined as of December 1 2019. Whatever age you are on December 1 2019 is the age group you can compete in through the final race of the season. Racers may advance to the next age group upon turning of the appropriate age (Season Championship Points do not carry over to next class.)

6. No persons are allowed to cross the track or be on the in-field without prior permission from the Race Director.

7. No one except riders officially entered may ride or practice on the race course on race day.

8. Each rider is responsible to be at the start line for his/her class race.  Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC officials are not responsible to locate riders for their class race.

9. If a rider leaves the course during the race, for any reason, and then decides to resume the race, he/she must re-enter at the point of exit before another lap may be counted in his/her favor. IF IT IS UNSAFE OR IMPOSSIBLE to re-enter at his/her point of exit, he/she must re-enter at the safest possible place which is closest to his/her exit as possible without improving his/her position. If mechanical breakdown happens near the finish line, the driver ONLY may push the machine across the finish line. Chronic course cutting penalty will be assessed by race officials on a case by case basis.

10. There will be no re-starts UNLESS it is the opinion of the Race Officials or First Aid Attendants that it may endanger the participants involved or if there is a malfunction in the start gate or some interference as determined by the Race Official.

11. THE RIDER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF HIS/HER PARENTS, FAMILY MEMBERS, MECHANIC, FRIENDS, OR ANYONE ELSE ASSOCIATED WITH HIM/HER, AND MAY BE PENALIZED OR DISQALIFIED FOR THE ACTIONS OF THOSE PERSONS. Verbal harassment of officials will not be tolerated. Any physical abuse of Officials will be reported to Law Enforcement and will be grounds for permanent expulsion of the rider and allowable for notice by Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC to all other race associations of the occurrence.

12. Any unsafe and/or intentional hitting or bumping, taking out, or unsafe riding or course cutting that is deemed dangerous or un-sportsmanlike by the Track Officials, will be grounds for disqualification or penalty as deemed appropriate. Blocking by lapped traffic could lead to disqualification. Un-sportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

13. Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC Officials will not be responsible for any occurrence that results in “Back to Back” races for a rider who enters multiple classes. The rider or his/her representative must notify Officials of that occurrence and be available at the start area for consultation.

14. No soliciting or distributing of literature or products will be allowed at Two Eighty Six Sno Series,  events without prior approval from Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC management.

15. All machines are subject to Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC impound evaluations or teardown if decided by the Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC Race Director that a particular race machine of their interest needs further evaluation. Failure to submit a machine for official inspection will result in disqualification of that machine for the day and no points or prizes or refunds will be awarded.

16. Penalties and Protests. All protests, whether of rider age classification, engine displacement, machine or rule violation, must clearly state, in writing, which part or parts of rule violation is being protested. The rider submitting the protest must sign all protests.

a. Protest period ends 15 minutes after the conclusion of each respective class final.  The signed protest must be presented to the Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC Race Director before the race class protest period is complete.

b. The party declaring a protest against another rider/machine is required to post a protest fee with the Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC Race Director of $200 for engine teardown and $100 for a non-teardown protests.

c. Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC will not be responsible for re-assembling protested machines.

d. If the machine is found to be of legal configuration for the class, the protested rider will be awarded the entire protest fee.  If the machine is found to be of illegal configuration for the class, the protesting party will be refunded the entire protest fee, and the protested rider will forfeit the trophy or award for the event, all points for the day, and the protested machine will be moved to the proper class for the remainder of the season.  A protested machine will not be torn down or evaluated in any manner that would be detrimental to its function in between races; that is, a race official may impound machines that are protested until the completion of that machines racing activity. Failure to submit a machine for impound will result in disqualification.  All teardowns will be performed by the machine owner or their representative and witnessed by technicians designated by Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC.

e. Only riders (parent of) in the same class may declare a protest.

17. Proof of age: Certified copy of a birth certificate or Drivers license will be accepted as proof of age. Proof of age must be provided within 5 days of request to Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

18. POINTS: Points are determined by the position the rider finishes in the FINALS (NOT THE HEATS).  Each day is considered a race event.  There will be 2 throw out races during the season.  

a. In the event that a rider races in both Amateur stock and Stock 120, the rider will have to forfeit their points in the lesser class (Amateur)

19. RIDERS MEETING: A riders meeting will be held before practice starts at each and every race. ALL RIDERS MUST BE PRESENT!!!! Instructions and information will be given at that time.  No one is allowed to question or contact the race scorers after racing begins unless allowed by race management.  All questions and matters must be resolved at the riders meeting or after the races are completed.

20. NO RACE ENTRY REFUNDS AFTER PRACTICE BEGINS (for any reason). Gate Admission is non-refundable.

21. All trophies, prizes, etc. not picked up on the day of the event or designated pickup time by Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC will be forfeited if not claimed by the winner or their representative on race day.

22. STOCK 200 CLASS: 200 stock class is broken into 2 groups 200 Stock A and 200 Stock B.  200 Stock A is for Advanced Riders and 200 Stock B class is for Beginners.  Riders can NOT race in both classes. If after two years the rider has been in the top 3 points in B class, the rider must advance to A class.  Riders can advance to A class at anytime during the season, their points will not follow.  

22. Last, but definitely not least, see rule number 1!!!


All Riders must obey the flags to ensure the safety of everyone. If a rider “chooses” not to obey a flag, a penalty of one placement position or more may be assessed.


YELLOW FLAG:    CAUTION   Slow down...No passing...No jumping... between the Yellow flag and the downed rider!  No aggressive riding! Slow down respect the downed rider (your friend) and authorized persons attempting to assist them. DO NOT resume racing until you have safely passed the downed rider.

RED FLAG: Pull to the side of the track and STOP Immediately! Wait for instructions from track personnel.

WHITE FLAG WITH RED CROSS: Medical Personnel Needed

BLACK FLAG: Leave the track immediately and see the Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC Race Director

BLUE FLAG: Move Over, you are being lapped.

WHITE FLAG: One Lap Remaining.

CHECKERED FLAG: Race is over. Follow through "race speeds" past the landing of the Finish Line jump. Ride slowly when exiting the track.

The race is not over until the checkered flag has been displayed. Each rider must cross the checkered flag to be earn full finishing points for their respective position. Assistance crossing the finish line with rider and machine is allowed.


All numbers must be easy to read.  It is the racer's responsibility that racer numbers are legible from the scoring officials view/view point.  Standard, block style lettering (NO OUTLINES) is suggested – Solid black on solid white or solid yellow backgrounds or solid white on solid black backgrounds. Absolutely no scroll type or wide illegible numbers. No overlapping numbers or numbers that are outlines only.  Numbers must be all one size and placed straight across the number plates.  NUMBERS ONLY ON THE NUMBER PLATES – do not add stickers, decals, etc. to the number plates, unless instructed by race officials.  Any number plates, which the officials find to be non-readable, must be corrected before that machine is allowed to race. All clothing / chest protestors bearing the rider’s number must have the same number as the machine being ridden.



1. All machines must be suitable for competition. Each machine must be designed for high performance use with safety in mind. Although we will not be actively inspecting, any machine deemed by Two Eighty Six Sno Series, LLC as unsafe for competition will not be allowed to race.

2. Brakes must be in good working order, properly adjusted, and capable of locking up the track.

3. Throttles must be spring return and in proper working order.

4. No part shall protrude from the machine in such a way as to present a safety hazard to riders.

5. Control Levers must have “Ball Ends” where applicable.

6. All machines must have a working tether / kill switch.  Track officials will be spot-checking riders to prove, before hot laps/practice begins, that they have a properly working tether / kill switch.

7. All riders must have the ability to control the machine using all features/functions of the machine.

Racing Apparel Recommended for ALL RACERS:

Helmet - Orange on the back- Full-faced with goggles (DOT approved) (REQUIRED)

Chest Protector


Neck Support/Brace

Full arm and leg coverage


Knee Pads

Elbow Pads

Kidney Belt


It is the duty of the individual rider to determine the class he/she is legal to ride in. Entry into a class does not necessarily make you legal for that class. Another entrant or his/her representative can protest you. Responsibility of meeting proper rider classification and machine specifications rests with the individual entrants. 


No practice starts are allowed.

Rider must be within 15 inches of the start line and at a standstill before the Green Flag Lifts. (no running starts).

Leveling of snow behind the start line is permitted but NOT IN FRONT of the starting line (unless performed by a race official at their discretion).

Non-Participants Rule: NO person may remain within 10 feet behind the starting line upon the Flagman taking position and checking for each "Riders-Ready" signal.


2 Timothy 4:25 

"Similarly, if anyone competes as an athlete, he does not receive the victor's crown unless he competes according to the rules."

We are excited to support youth snowmobile racing

We want to thank each and every family and the support for making this possible